April 18, 2014 – A Taste of Spring

We had an excellent turnout for our first Annual event!

78 guests came to try some of the excellent wine from some of our favourite agencies and wineries.

Thanks to everyone for coming!


February 20 – Memories of Naramata

The First Members

Friends out at Lang Vineyards, Naramata, BC.

For our first little excursion, we went to Naramta for a small day trip. It was by chance that we were all in the Okanagan at the same time between business meetings and skiing, it was a good opportunity to taste some wine.

Most wineries are closed in the Winter, but after setting up some select appointments, we had an entire day filled with some of the finest wine in British Columbia.

I believe our favourite of the day was Upper Bench Estate Winery. They make their own cheese at their estate which pairs beautifully with their excellent Chardonnay.